WayCool Is Not Just A Company, It’s A Network Of Organisations

At WayCool, we make strategic investments which leverage synergies to further strengthen our in-depth presence. We are developing a keiretsu in the food and agri supply chain that will enhance the ecosystem


Building The Fastest Growing Soil-To-Sale FMCG Brand, #TheWaycoolWay

Curating a food portfolio inspired by the Indian Thali through its basket of brands – Kitchenji, Freshey’s, and Madhuram, BrandsNext delivers consistent quality across its product range with sustainable and responsible sourcing, AI-enabled packaging and grading, and world-class quality checks. BrandsNext aims to transform the way food is consumed, transcending borders, serving the needs of every household that prefers superior quality food

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CENSA is the tech arm of WayCool, which has built the most comprehensive tech stack in the food economy. Flipping the food value chain from a supply-led one to a demand-driven one, CENSA is transforming Farm Tech, Processing Tech, Distribution Tech, Retailer Tech, Consumer Tech and Fin Tech with an integrated core leading to transparency and intelligence across the food ecosystem. This has been done infusing new-age technologies such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning at each stage of the food value chain


Established in the year 2008

The company currently has operations spread across 11 states and engages with 25,000+ farmers in addition to 50+ FPOs and 110 franchises. With its meaningful interventions such as offering quality seed producer & supply, training, and enabling capacity
building for FPOs and farmers and extending market linkage, SV AGRI has been a catalyst in improving farmer income by 20% – 50%

SV AGRI currently provides products and services broadly across:
  • Potato tubers (seeds)
  • Potato supply chain solutions
  • Manufacturing of food processing equipment
  • Production and marketing of potato-based value
    added/processed products

AllFresh was started in 2013 with the aim of bringing world class post-harvest management and marketing of horticulture produces in India

Starting the supply chain operations with apples, AllFresh made extensive use of computerised grading and CA storage of fruits that has revolutionised post-harvest operations in orchards.

We have since extended our supply chain operations to citrus, pomegranate, and plums in India, leading to a phenomenal growth for Allfresh and our association with farmers. Today, Allfresh works with nearly 2,500 farmers in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. Our distribution operations are spread across India in over 30 cities