High Volume Trading

Procuring commodities at source, creating impact in the supply chain, and providing excellent logistical solutions

About Agri Marketplace

Agri Marketplace is where agricultural commodities and their supply chain converge to seamlessly move agri products from source to consumption centres. The Agri Marketplace business creates linkages between farmers, traders, processors and packers by moving raw agri produce such as pulses and grains, oilseeds, major spices as well as processed agri commodities such as dals, sugar etc, and supplying them to bulk buyers. We are focused on building our presence on-ground across sources and catering

Why Choose Us

We have strong capabilities in procurement, storage, freight logistics, and understanding products and markets

Our on-ground presence, deep sourcing efficiency and linkages with farmers and farm level sources are outstanding

Our in-house branded & distribution businesses make us more sensitive about meeting and exceeding customer requirements

We cater to diverse customer segments and profiles including corporates, traders, packers, processors, branded CPG customers, as well as government organisations

What We Do

Straddle the bulk supply chain

Processing of agri commodities to meet customer needs via value addition

Connect farmers to processors, wholesalers and retail brands

Provide logistics support

Build on-ground presence across sources and important markets

Trading and risk management, pricing solutions to customers

Handle raw and finished goods, multiple touchpoints with customers

Our Products

Food and Feed Grains


oilseeds & oil Meals



Our Services

procurement and storage

logistics and delivery

Deep Sourcing and farmer connect

Pulses Processing

Handling raw and processed products