Reimagining the Possibilities of the Perfect Food Experience with WayCool’s Food OS

Posted on October 11th, 2023

WayCool’s Food OS

Are you choosy about the snacks that you munch on? If yes, then you would be particular about the right kind of crunch in potato wedges, or a specific colour for your fries/wedges. You could also be fussy about the size of each wedge; perhaps even appreciate its geometric accuracy, too. Sometimes, you might even be conscious about its effect on your health.

Clearly, a lot needs to go right to have the perfect experience. What is the possibility of getting it exactly right every time? WayCool’s most comprehensive food OS is all about reimagining this possibility.

Every agri product has an interesting journey, from being a potato, in this case, to becoming the wedges on your plate. What WayCool’s food OS does is engineer this journey to ensure the perfect experience you are looking for. Let’s take a look at how we do this.

Our proprietary seed tech develops potato tubers for a specific product grade like wedges, fries with low GI (glycemic index) index variants. A good example of this is the Carisma Potatoes. They are lower on the GI scale, have 20%-25% lower carbohydrate content and more protein content than your regular potatoes, and have low or next to no level of starch in them. These seeds are grown through our aeroponics lab, while being monitored through several generations and controlled for several parameters of inputs before they are sold to the farmers. These seeds are then grown by our farmer partners through Outgrow. This happens in line with our package of practices, while our IoT systems (powered by Gramworkx) provide smart analytics and automation to control the irrigation, monitor nutrients based on soil condition, and analyze the micro-weather conditions to ensure maximum yields. The farmer tech also provides analytics around disease prediction and corrective actions to protect the crops.

In the next stage, our processing engineering systems trial various product formulations and equipment to set up and ensure the perfect golden colour, the right crunchiness, the right mix of flavouring agents based on your taste. Our supply chain planning tech uses Machine Learning based algorithms to predict the demand for the products across the country and runs the production plan for the manufacturing unit. Our distribution tech identifies the right hyperlocal micro-segment clusters to deliver the products. Our retailer tech ensures that the kirana store or the supermarket near you knows that you crave for such a product, and the store is sufficiently stocked for you to order online or by phone or when you drop by at the store. Our consumer tech helps us to know where exactly such customers exist and triggers the whole cycle.

This system works smoothly for something more basic such as rice, too. Each region has its own variant impacting the size of the grain, level of colour/polish to the grain, and certain cooking parameters etc. Whether it is a basic staple like rice or a snack like potato wedges, the conversion of agri produce to a food product in your plate involves a full-fledged, technology-driven operating system.

WayCool’s food OS uniquely combines a scalable digital platform, an intelligent analytics engine, automated physical systems, and the science behind food engineering across multiple stakeholders of very different backgrounds to ensure that the right food is at the right place at the right time and in the right location.

Our tech stack is built across the above seven modules. It is tightly integrated with a common backend stack to ensure that every stakeholder has access to the right information in real-time and the necessary intelligence from both science and analytics to plan the growth, transformation, and movement of food from the producer all the way to your plate.

In a world of adverse climate change effects and food insecurity, three elements are critical from a value chain perspective – an improved but sustainable yield of produce, alternative supply chains with improved planning in production and movement of food resulting in reduced wastage while sustaining the inherent nutrition/product quality, and alternatives to the food consumed while providing the same taste and nutrition both in terms of the nature of agri-produce used and the process of conversion from the agri-produce to the final food product.

To achieve these objectives, it is important for all stakeholders to be on the same platform, have access to the best science and analytical information for decision-making and be transparently visible across the value chain. These are the fundamental principles behind WayCool’s food OS. Equipped with this food OS, WayCool is on its journey to reimagine the possibilities towards the way food is looked at and consumed, both in India and on a global scale.